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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 8, Part C (2018)

Land reforms in India: A historical aspect

Dr. Rajdeep Singh and Dr. Dheeraj Kumar
India being an agriculture state, it has long history of peasants’ exploitation by the zamindars. They have to face the wrath in all the contemporary reign or governments in India. In the ancient India, they were having different form of revenue assessment than that of Mughals as well as British raj which was disastrous for the cultivators. During 1857 mutiny peasants joined with the armies against British government. After that British government realized some relaxation must be given to peasants. The movement kept escalating after wards to get freedom from the zamindars which were organized comprehensively. After independence more efficient measures tried by the government to implement land reforms in all the states. For that particular purpose provisions incorporated in the Constitution of India. The first five year plan made special recommendations regarding implementation of the land reforms in India. Unfortunately, except a number of states land reform not achieved its desired success. Even then states have been taking some innovative steps to implement land reforms in different way. So that maximum benefit must be provided to the cultivators.
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Dr. Rajdeep Singh, Dr. Dheeraj Kumar. Land reforms in India: A historical aspect. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(8):192-198.
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