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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 10, Part B (2019)

An Ayurvedic review of Shushkakshipaka W.S.R. to dry eye syndrome

Mukesh Kumar Gupta and Anubha Jain
Eyes are one of the most powerful tool that anyone can have hence all efforts should be made to protect the eyes. Shushakshipaak a well-known disease of eye which comes under sarvagata netra roga causes by vitiated by vata dosha according to achraya sushruta and acharya vagbhata said that it is a vata pittaj type of vyadhi. As the name suggests it causes shushk means dry, Akshi mean eye i.e. dryness in eye.
Hence in modern science it can be compared to dry eye syndrome a condition in which chronic lack of sufficient lubrication or moisture on the surface of the eye present. For many years, this disease was considered to be reduction of aqueous part of the tear film, but now a days, it is proven that this disease leads to qualitative & quantitative unstable tear film during the open eye status with gritty feeling & photophobia associated with other symptoms. As etiopathogenesis wise, shuskakshipaak is vata-pittaja vyadhi and decreased ashru & akshi sneha present the aim of treatment should be vatashamak and kapha vardhak which will further increase tear production & stabilized the tear film. For treatment modern practitioner generally given tear supplement such as cellulose derivatives.
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Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Anubha Jain. An Ayurvedic review of Shushkakshipaka W.S.R. to dry eye syndrome. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(10):113-116.
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