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Vol. 5, Issue 10, Part E (2019)

Literature review of Yojana Chatushka and It’s application

Literature review of Yojana Chatushka and It’s application

Dr. Kusum Lata Rathore
Ayurveda today is recognized worldwide as a system of medicine that provides sound mind in sound body. The Sutrasthana lies as the Madhusancaya of the Samhita. This nectar of knowledge has been stored by Acharya Charaka in very beautiful way i.e. Chatushka methodology. The Slokasthana is explained as head or Uttamanga of the text. These Chatushkas are as the heart of the text providing the nourishment to rest of Samhita. The Chatushkas are not just presenting a unique scribing methodology but are the evidences of the practical approach of Charaka samhita as a text of Kayachikitsa School of thoughts. The Yojana Chatushka implying Yukti includes the four chapters (1) Astauninditiya, (2) Langhanabrmhaniya (3) Santarpaniya (4) Vidhisonitiya. The Yojana Chatushka stands in 6 th position among the 7 Chatushkas, but it unites the whole Sutrasthana because here the Roga-Bheshaja Yojana is portrayed. It is not merely the Disease and Drug relation. But the Bheshaja itself is a collection of first 4 Chatushka and as well as Ahara and Anupana can also be included in this and application of this "Bheshaja" to the Roga is evidenced in this Chatushka. The Roga Bhesaja Yojana is stated in Yojana Chatushka. The utilization and application of Bhesaja (drug) on disease with respect to Kala Prakruti etc. factors is Yojana. Thus the word Yojana has much more broader aspect as it is used as the synonym of Chikitsa. Thus Yojana possesses Adhikara to all over the science. Yojana Chatushka makes the person to understand the use of Yukti. Yukti is that intellectual exercise which conjoins, edits, aggregates, arranges, relates, co-ordinate scattered components, concepts of an event with each other properly to reference to context for desired effect.
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Dr. Kusum Lata Rathore. Literature review of Yojana Chatushka and It’s application. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(10):331-334.
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