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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 11, Part A (2019)

Nicotine and heroin

Amr Ullah Asefi
Nicotine is an alkaloid, which includes pyridine and pyro line links in its’ composition and the mentioned organic compounds exists in the leaves of Tobacco, and it also has the saturated links of pyrrole. Nicotine has different effects on the human body, on this way, some of the parts are stimulated where some others are weakened by it. The increasing level of sugar in the human blood is up-to protein. It increases the pulses and thus, it causes the narrowness of arteries which results high-pressure. As well as, it effects the embryo, which blocks the passage of oxygen to womb and the addicted mothers of narcotics and it causes disabled births. Morphine: it is an alkaloid, which causes to physiological changes, blood toxicity, jaundice, nervous risks and even results in death of human. Heroine: It means powerful and championship, and is the artificial alkaloid of opium which is more intense than opium and morphine in addiction. The effects of heroine on human nerve system is several times more than morphine, and the toxicity is 4-7%. While, opium is orally taken to the body, it absorbs in small intestines very easily, which is very harmful for body. Preface: This research article about nicotine and heroine, states the natural resources of nicotine, its’ risk on human body, effects on embryo, the increasing level sugar in blood, the obtaining of nicotine, physical and chemical property. Heroine, the composition of heroine, obtaining and production of nicotine, natural resources, physical and chemical properties of heroin and its’ risk on the human body are stated in this article. Morphine: The natural resources of morphine, production and obtaining of morphine, physical and chemical properties are discussed in this article. Objectives: our aims of composing this research article is to know the natural resources of nicotine and heroin, and indicate well the negative effects on the human body. Nevertheless, make civic understand of all of the people, to avoid growing harmful plants and using these substances.
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Amr Ullah Asefi. Nicotine and heroin. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(11):08-14.
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