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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 11, Part C (2019)

A study of body mass index among students in Pvt. Schools

Dr. Seema Ashraf and Dr. Sumyyah Hasina Sana
School based BMI measurement has attracted attention across the nation as a potential approach to address malnutrition among youth [1]. Malnutrition both under as well as over is serious public health problem related to increased risk of morbidity, mortality and overall development of children. Malnutrition is widely recognized as a major health problem in developing countries. Growing children’s are more vulnerable to its consequences. Childhood malnutrition can be evaluated anthropometrically which is among the cheapest method available.
Aim: This is study prevalence of obesity, overweight, normal weight and under weight by using body mass index in students among two Pvt. Schools.
Material and Methods: Among 250 students height and weight measurements were taken. Body mass index calculated and categorized into obese, overweight, normal weight and underweight.
Results: Among 250 students 0.4% comes under obese category, 2% under overweight category, 27.6% under healthy weight category and 70% under “under weight category”.
Conclusion: Students should be aware of their weight (both overweight as well as under weight) and they should adjust their category into “normal weight” by changing their food habits and physical activity (life style).
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Dr. Seema Ashraf, Dr. Sumyyah Hasina Sana. A study of body mass index among students in Pvt. Schools. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(11):139-140.
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