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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 11, Part C (2019)

The investigation of family management and supervision from the perspective of Islamic jurisprudence

Abdolqoddus Mazhari
The present study examines the management and supervision of the family and explains the Islamic jurisprudential viewpoint on this issue. What can be used for religious reasons in this connection can be summarized as follows:
A)Interpretations such as Qawwam, Guardian, Raei, etc., which are used for reasons, state that in Islam, family management and supervision are: taking responsibility for the protection and care of the spouse and children, and Their responsibility to care for the well-being and prosperity of the Islamic family is due to men's inherent characteristics and abilities such as greater physical ability of men and their superiority of thought and discipline in life than women.
B)Obeying the wife of her husband is desirable, and her necessity is rational, and the only exemplar of obedience to the wife as an obligatory Rumi is her obedience to the husband in marital matters.
C)Islam prevents couples from interfering with relationships in order to prevent any harm to the family institution, such as the principle of popular association, the principle of justice, the principles of the Shari'a, and so on. And has specified management in the family.
D)Proposals such as the use of the couple's interpretation of the reasons for and the survival of the couple's rights over the wife in the absence of the man's capacity to manage the family state that the realization of the marriage is the source of some rights for the couple.
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