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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 12, Part C (2019)

How to achieve right first time dyeing with ecofriendly natural dyes

Mazahir Raza and Mohd. Sadat Khan
Today natural dyes are in great demand in the textile world. If the dyeing process is not followed accurately, highly sensitive behavior of natural dyes towards pH and metals often creates problem in achieving Right First Time Dyeing. Some textile mills are successfully producing fabrics dyed with natural dyes. The problem arises when the same recipe doesn't yield the same shade. It differs from Lab Dip to bulk with same Ready for Dye (RFD) fabric and same standard process parameters. The close correlation between all processes is essential to ensure consistent laboratory to bulk reproducibility in dyeing with natural dyes. When dyeing with natural dyes, dyer has to do work to deal with the error generation during the transfer of dyeing recipe from lab to the production unit. An investigation of the possible sources of an error occurring in the lab-to-plant dyeing correlation revealed that a comprehensive review of case studies and scientific analysis would be beneficial for any textile dye house in reproducing the shades obtained from natural dyes.
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Mazahir Raza, Mohd. Sadat Khan. How to achieve right first time dyeing with ecofriendly natural dyes. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(12):146-149.
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