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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Special Issue 12, Part A (2019)

The semantic loss of the phrase "God's Face” in the translations of The Holy Quran

Dr. ASmaa Abdul Qadir Al Ani and Dr. Lubna Riyadh Abduljabbar
One of the most difficult attempts made in the field of translation is the translation of the meanings of the Holy Quran into English. According to Muslims, Qur'an text is miraculous and eloquent so the translation of one verse from one language to the other may lead to the loss of its intended meanings. The term loss refers to the partial or complete loss of any verbal sign affecting the interpretation of them on the semantic level. Such losses negatively affect the ways by which target readers understand the holy Quran This research will try to answer the following questions: How the word God's face is translated in the Holy Quran? Does the translation of the word God's Face fit its connotative meaning? The two hypotheses of the research are: 1. the phrase Allah's Face is translated literally by its denotation meanings rather than its connotation meaning i.e., the explicit meanings of the word face have been translated as face or countenance rather than its implicit ones which are reward and satisfaction. The importance of research is related to the importance of Quran as a Holy Book, how to understand and interpret it and consequently translate it into English. Furthermore, it is related to the correction of some meanings that seem unclear to the non-Arab readers. The word Face is mentioned in the holy Quran 78 times in different verses (Ayat) .But the phrase God's face is mentioned 11 times in different verses .The researchers employ a descriptive qualitative approach in their analysis of the data to identify the loss of meaning and the causes behind them . No means of statistical procedures or quantification have been used. The research is based on two different translated versions: First, the printed copy of Al Fahad congregation of the Holy Quran translated by Muhammad Taqi Al-Din and Dr. Muhammad Mohsen Khan (2014). Second version is the Islamic Research Academy in Al-Azhar for Research, Translation translated by Said Ali Abdul Hamid, Abdul Raouf Zahran and Mohammad Amin Taha (2006).
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Dr. ASmaa Abdul Qadir Al Ani, Dr. Lubna Riyadh Abduljabbar. The semantic loss of the phrase "God's Face” in the translations of The Holy Quran. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(12S):113-119.
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