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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part C (2019)

Promotion of social inclusion through women group entrepreneurship

Dr. Chandravathi
Human resources are one of the most strategic and critical determinants of growth. In spite of abundant physical resources a country cannot make rapid economic and social advancement unless it has enterprising people with necessary knowledge skills and attitude. In most of the developing countries greater emphasis is being laid on need for empowering rural women and their active involvement in the main stream of development. Women constitute around half of the total world population. They are therefore; treated as the better half of the society. So women empowerment is an inevitable part of development of nation. Self-employment through group entrepreneurship provided opportunities for women participated in economic prosperity. Entrepreneurship development among women may be looked at from two angles, one is to create the involvement needed for healthy and sound entrepreneurship and other is to organize more and more rational motivated campaigns for the women entrepreneurs when they take on a challenging role and want to adjust their personality needs, family and social life. Provision of employment opportunities and income to rural women is one way to improve their nutrition, health, education and social status. The main objective of the government is encouraging more enterprise in disadvantaged communities. All Self Help Groups are promoting micro enterprise. Empowering women especially in rural area is a great challenge and micro enterprises in rural area can help to meet these all challenges. The role of micro-entrepreneurship is not only enhance national productivity, generate employment but also help to develop economic independence, personal and social capabilities among rural women like Economic empowerment Improves standard of living, Self-confidence Increases social interaction, engagement in political activities, increases participation in different meetings and seminars, enhance awareness sense of achievement, Improves the leadership qualities, Improves decision making capacity in family and community. Enterprises development among women can be considered a possible approach to economic empowerment of women. Female work participation not on increases their family income but also brings economic independence among women in the households. Through SHG enterprises women not only generate income for her but also will generate employment for other women in other society. In the initial stage women started SHG enterprises at their home and produce goods with the help of available resources. In the present scenario what women need is economic independence in all spheres in order to be identified as human being and to gain their due rights in the society and live their life with self-confidence and dignity on par with men. SHG’s plays an important role in social transformation and socio economic betterment of rural women. In DK district in Karnataka SKDRDP promoted the SHG enterprise through SIRI Gramodyoga Samste. The need for the present study is to understand how the social inclusion of women through enterprise development in Belthangady Taluk. The objective of the study is to understand the role of SIRI Gramodyoga Samste for the empowerment of the women in rural areas.
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