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Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part C (2019)

Christian origios cult history

Christian origios cult history

Valvi Vishwas Gorakhnath
Progressing further ahead in time will only get more laborious. We aren’t more than a couple decades out of the 1st century yet, but at no time do we see any harmony among the six “Christian” movements listed already above, beyond a few superficial overlaps. Contrast this picture with the common belief that Christianity started in one place, with one man, and radiated out from there; this idea just does not stack up, against the documentary evidence of the 1st and early 2nd century! We’re forced, therefore, to depart with this notion, however traditional it may be. What we have, instead, is many different movements, which all contributed, eventually, to what became Christianity. More to the point, the things these movements taught, were quite dissimilar, and they even had different inherent purposes. Of course, setting aside the single-point-of-origin theory of Christianity, only presents more questions, such as: If these movements were so different, how did they merge together into Christianity? Why do widely-separated movements all give the same name, Jesus/Yeshua, to their central figures? It’s fine to say that multiple sources eventually “created” Christianity, but there must have been a dynamic by which this occurred.
Research Methodology
Researcher has presented this research paper with the title of ‘’Christian Origios Cult History’’ For this research paper Researcher has used historical method and Primary and Secondary sources.
•Christian Cult in the first and century Impacts to spread Christianity.
• Many Historians important role in the church as wrote.
•There are many changes in the Christians cultsnows.
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