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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 7, Part C (2019)

A study of future scope of silicon Nano wires (SiNWs)

Preydarshy Manoj Kumar Singh and Dr. Kapil Deo Singh
Over the last few years silicon nano wires have come under intensive research due to their promising physical properties and potential as active materials in future electronic and optoelectronic applications. This article reviews various bottom-up growth methods of silicon nanowires. Various catalysts, including gold and other metals, as well as non-catalyst initiated growth methods are discussed in detail by comparing recipes including important parameters such as growth temperature, catalyst deposition methods, silicon nanowires diameter obtained, surface quality etc. This is expected to allow for an easier selection of a suitable growth method for a desired application. In addition, this article briefly reviews some of the developments in the field of silicon nanowire electronics and optoelectronics, including theoretical and experimental determination of charge carrier mobilities, visible photoluminescence, as well as a few recent examples of photodetectors and solar cells using silicon nanowires.
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Preydarshy Manoj Kumar Singh, Dr. Kapil Deo Singh. A study of future scope of silicon Nano wires (SiNWs). Int J Appl Res 2019;5(7):172-174.
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