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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 8, Part C (2019)

The incorporation of student centered learning in EFL context

Khalilullah Tawhidyar
Afghanistan EFL context is strongly influenced by traditional approaches where teachers’ domination deprived active engagement of learners in the learning teaching process. Teacher-centeredness increased students’ passiveness and they were no longer allowed to express their opinions freely. All together the aforesaid factors, EFL limited and fixed classrooms caused poor quality of performance and outcomes of EFL classrooms in Afghan Higher Education.
So taking into consideration the so-called problems of EFL context of Afghanistan and the recent efforts in modernizing the teaching and learning methods in the public universities of Afghanistan and a growing trends towards active student centered learning and outcome based education in the higher education of Afghanistan call for fundamental paradigm shift from teacher-centered teaching approach to student-centered learning approach while many Afghan universities still follow traditional teacher-centered pedagogy and passive student learning approaches, due to which many Afghan universities failed to achieve national quality standards for their academic programs. In addition, in order to develop thinking and high quality leaders and human capital in the 21st century, students must be educated using the learner-centered approach.
The research method of the study is case study, direct observation and sharing my experiences and the impressions of the EFL lecturers of Parwan University. As far the content of the study concerns, case study sounds most relevant and suitable to the particular context of Afghanistan. My position as member of National Curriculum Development Commission, Head of Curriculum Committee of PU and Assistant Professor gives me the opportunity to be both the researcher and participant for the entire process of my study so the experiences and understandings I got in the mentioned work places directly contributing to the enrichment of data analysis of the research work.
This study tries to explore major challenges alongside implementation of student centered learning in reference to EFL context of Parwan University and offers potential opportunities for effective implementation of student centered learning in consideration to the influencing environmental factors.
Eventually, this study contributes the lecturers to effectively implement Student Centered Learning and offers potential opportunity for student to be empowered with appropriate English communications skills and improve learners’ quality of language use through active and reflective learning approaches.
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