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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 8, Part D (2019)

Management of diabetes and Unani medicine: A review

Dr. Irshad Hussain and Dr. Akhlaque Hussain
Diabetes Mellitus is a common metabolic disorder. In Unani literature it is described under the caption of Amraz-e-Gurdah i.e. Disease of Kidney. Untreatable Diabetic Mellitus may leads to a lot of acute and chronic complications. Chronic complications are mainly arising due to the result of longstanding damage to macro and micro blood vessels. These complications are mainly classified as microvascular due to basement membrane thickening or macrovascular due to accelerated atherosclerosis. The foremost micovascular complications are diabetic nephropathy diabetic retinopathy and diabetic neuropathy. The diabetic foot ulcer is due to the result of longstanding peripheral neuropathy, if untreated it may leads to amputation of affected part. Admirable glycaemic control is challenging for the doctors and patients. Complications of diabetic are totally due to poor glycemic control. Unani System of Medicine is the plunge area of research to control or reduced the diabetes associated complications. Several Unani drugs show evidence of anti-diabetic activity, antioxidant activity, immunomodulator activity, nootropic activity which are commonly used during practiced by Unani Physicians like Tukhm Methi, Gurmar Booti, Tukhm Hayat, Tukhme Khurfa, Darhald, Post Kachnal, Asgand, Dammul Akhwain,, Aqerqarha, Azaraqui, Beesh, Saadkofi, Balchhar, Darchini, etc., and some famed compounds formulations are Qurs-e-Gulnar, Qurs-e-Tabsheer, Safoof-e-Ziabetus, Qurs-e-Ziabetus, Habb-e-Azaraqui, Habb-e-Asabi, Kushta Zamarrad etc. Aim of this review article is look at the concealed benefits of Unani drugs on their scientific parameters to reduce the burden of diabetes related complications.
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Dr. Irshad Hussain, Dr. Akhlaque Hussain. Management of diabetes and Unani medicine: A review. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(8):237-240.
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