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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 8, Part G (2019)

Constructivism: A vibrant approach for social science

Dr. Rajvir Kaur
Generally Social science subjects are considered as boring and non-utility subjects, and they get less importance than natural sciences. It is believed that social science merely transmits information and these subjects are theoretical and too text-centred in nature. On the contrary social science subjects are equally important as any other subject as these subjects create a base for values like trust, freedom, mutual respect etc. and promote civic competence in young students. Thus the aim of social science teaching should be to develop child’s ability to think independently, to enhance the capability of analysing social-political reality instead of just memorization of facts. But unfortunately in present, these subjects are still taught by traditional methods which involve techniques like lecture, memorization of facts and heavy reliance in text-books. So Social science classroom needs to be revitalized by adopting such vibrant teaching approach which fosters creativity, critical thinking, ability to draw relationship between past and present among students. Constructivism is a new approach which can be successfully utilized for attaining above mentioned goals. Present paper will throw light on the utility of constructivist approach for social science teaching. It will also present and discuss major constructivist learning models that can revitalize the social science classroom.
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Dr. Rajvir Kaur. Constructivism: A vibrant approach for social science. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(8):421-423.
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