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Vol. 6, Issue 10, Part K (2020)

Swachh Bharat mission: A step towards clean India

Swachh Bharat mission: A step towards clean India

Shilpa K Bheemareddy and Dr. Jayakumar Sindhe
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is started by the government to make India a completely clean India. Clean India was a dream seen by Mahatma Gandhi regarding which he once said that “Sanitation is more important than Independence”. During his time, he was well aware of the poor and dirty condition of the country that’s why he made various efforts to complete his dream however could not be successful. This mission has to be completed by the 150th birth anniversary of Bapu (i.e. 2nd October of 2019) in the next five years (from the launch date). It is urged by the government to the people to spend at least 100 hours a year towards cleanliness in their surrounding areas or other places of India to make it a successful campaign. There are various implementation policies and mechanisms for the program including three important phases such as planning phase, implementation phase and sustainability phase. In this connection the present study made an attempt to help in bringing positive behavior among group of people who are reluctant towards adopting proper cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene practices.
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Shilpa K Bheemareddy, Dr. Jayakumar Sindhe. Swachh Bharat mission: A step towards clean India. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(10):664-667.
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