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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 10, Part L (2020)

Life surrounded by COVID-19

In life, there are good times & bad times & sometime there are normal times. This is often not a traditional time. Across the world, the cycle of private, professional, social, economical activities had stopped rotating normally and therefore the world economy goes down due to COVID-19 crises. At the present, it's the foremost public health crisis hovering everywhere the world. COVID-19 is that the most turbulent, the foremost catastrophic and therefore the most defining epoch of our lifetime. I cannot consider anything which went on with such speed. This crisis has no precedent-there's no ‘Rule Book’ that tells the governments what to do?
The virus may be a mutant-it jumped from its animal host to humans. It’s pernicious because it seems to seek out new ways to cover itself and that we are often Asymptomatic & yet be a carrier of infection. Virus is basically deadly and devastating.
But what we should always be really brooding about is that the collective vulnerability of the world. The foremost macho leaders, high tech scientific establishments, the foremost mighty economic prowess have all met their match with this lowly virus.
The fact is that each time there's a catastrophic event the main target is on the immediate relief and rescue and not on what we must learn for future.
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