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Vol. 6, Issue 10, Part O (2020)

Geophysical view of landuse patten in India

Geophysical view of landuse patten in India

Dr. Baby Pushpa
Land is an important natural resource that embraces the elements like the overlying temperature, moisture, topography, soil matrix and physical structure. It is certainty a manifestation of the past and present human activities. But land has the characteristics of its fixity in supply and scarcity. Therefore, land use pattern is directly concerned with the problem arising in the process of deciding upon and carrying out into action the optimum use. In a dynamic world, certain modification can occur in the existing pattern of land utilization.
Conventional Land-use pattern has frequently failed to produce a statistical improvement in land management and also to satisfy the priority objectives of the Land users. The trend in Net-irrigated area sown is also declining in many states, due to scarcity of irrigation facilities and also, poor irrigation management. The increase in Land prices due to enhanced income of some sections lead to investment on Land is a way to invest the black money in the economy. It affects the cost of cultivation and cost of land among the farmers to a greater extent. The farmers are seeking returns from other than agricultural uses in order to earn more. This trend in the state affects the Land use pattern to a greater extent.
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Dr. Baby Pushpa. Geophysical view of landuse patten in India . Int J Appl Res 2020;6(10):919-923.
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