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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 3, Part D (2020)

Statistical control of protein depression in spring milk

Alirıza Şahin and Murat Çimen
In the study, it was aimed to determine whether there is protein depression in milk samples collected from the spring months. The data were obtained from the spring records of a private dairy company. Protein depression has an undesirable effect on the formation of dairy products. The critical threshold for protein depression is reported to be a minimum of 0.80. Mean, standard deviation and standard error for March were 0.8151, 0.09424 and 0.01693 respectively. Means, standard deviations and standard errors for April and May were 0.8761, 0.01365 and 0.00245; 0.8668, 0.02561 and 0.00460 respectively. According to p/f ratios in spring season, milk protein depression was not encountered in March (0, 8151), April (0, 8761) and May (0, 8668). Since the p/f ratios of milk samples obtained from March, April and May are above the depression threshold, we can say that protein depression does not appear. More studies are needed to obtain more information about protein depression on milk collected from different seasons and different environmental conditions.
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Alirıza Şahin, Murat Çimen. Statistical control of protein depression in spring milk. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(3):200-201.
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