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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 3, Part G (2020)

Branded by law, cursed by customs: a case of manuja community; a DNT living in the periphery of new Delhi

Sulbha Rai
This empirical research study aims to provide a detailed account of the Manuja[1] community. The Manujas are a Denotified Tribe living in the western fringes of New Delhi under the National Capital Region of Delhi, India. Manujas, with a history of nomadism, were victimised by the colonial state, due to the enactment of Criminal Tribe Act 1871, leading to severe restriction placed on the free movements by the authorities. Post-independence the newly elected Government abolished the infamous Act in 1952. Primarily, the paper focuses on the unique aspect of familial prostitution practised by the womenfolk of this community. Prostitution is the way of life for these families. Here prostitution is intergenerational and sanctioned by the community. Girls are groomed to enter the profession from a very young age whereas the males mostly live off their wives earnings. This research paper also highlights how in the subsequent decades this community underwent several perceptible changes with respect to their culture, economy, religion, marriage; social and political organisation. Even though Manujas have gained relative material prosperity compared to other DNTs living in the same vicinity, the community still faces considerable social exclusion, marginalisation and continued stereotyping by government agencies and society at large. Moreover, there is a lack of political representation and significant educational attainment within the community. In this paper the researcher has qualitatively analysed life stories of women sex workers of this community.
[1] A pseudonym used so as to avoid any sort of stereotype or stigma attached to this DNT due to familial prostitution.
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Sulbha Rai. Branded by law, cursed by customs: a case of manuja community; a DNT living in the periphery of new Delhi. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(3):478-482.
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