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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 3, Part G (2020)

The use of digital technology in education

Pratima Priyadarshni
The development of ICT makes the process of communication between the communicator and the communicant can be conveys in easy ways. They can communicate through telephone, internet, e-mail, satellite, television, video conference and so on. The process of those communications applies in language learning. In language learning, there is a communication between teacher and student. The process of learning is not always carried out by subjecting teacher and students in the certain room or a certain place directly. As the example, teacher can use internet as the medium to give lessons, assignments, or other information to their students. In India context, formal education was traditionally centered on schools and parvenus at village level while non-formal education was centered in libraries at central places in the form of newspapers and books. Teachers delivered the formal education either following a textbook or notes prepared using books and their experiences. The learners enrolled and visited the places that offered formal education. The libraries offered supplementary reading material to enhance their learning as well as reference facilities. A teacher has to be well educated and knowledgeable to be able to educate others. Also they have to acquire the skills of retaining student’s attention and deliver content in an effective way. Thus teaching is an important profession and people respected them as they guided and assisted the learners to be useful citizens of the country. Due to the respect earned by the society teaching was one of the social service activities. Also most activities people then used to do were centered at village level and teaching too was carried out at villages where small populations used to live. With emerge of industrial and commercial cities people have moved out of villages to these cities for various forms of employment.
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