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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 5, Part F (2020)

Challenges and threats faced by MSME’S post lockdown due to migration of labours

Vidhu Grace Noel and Dr. Ashish Samarpit Noel
As we all are aware of the migration of labourers just as the lockdown was announced, the factories and the industries including MSME’s were shut down as there was no raw material for the production nor the labours could work due to the spread of Corona virus COVID-19. The reason was social distancing. Though the government had requested the industry at large to maintain labour wage payment during the lockdown thought there was no work for the labourers and there was no revenue generation for most of the industries resulting in non-payment of wages leading to heavy migration of the starving labourer as they had no income to buy food. And if we say they would have been paid then also due to lockdown the necessary items supply was not available in sufficient quantity for the survival of the people. Due to lack of income and lack of proper food supply especially in case of economic weaker section of the society, the labour decided to migrate back to their home town which was again not an easy task because of the absence of transportation facility. The people had to walk for miles hungry and thirsty along with small kids and old people. Now when the lookdown gets over it’s a big question “whether the migrant labour will come back to work?” And even if they do come then what shall be the cost of their coming back? And if they don’t then how will MSME’s up with the production of goods?
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Vidhu Grace Noel, Dr. Ashish Samarpit Noel. Challenges and threats faced by MSME’S post lockdown due to migration of labours. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(5):382-384.
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