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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 6, Part B (2020)

Importance of self-knowledge: Tracing the journey of Afro - American women in literature

Ms. Nikita Bhardwaj
A number of researches has been done regarding the Afro-American identity, the status of the blacks in America, for instance a research conducted by Kathy Harrison (Graduate Student, Psychology Department, Wayne State University) who has written about the African American identity particularly for black youth. Various fictional and autobiographical works have also been written about the blacks, and by the blacks too where they have talked about their sufferings, struggles and tormented life, Black women like Harriet Jacob’s autobiographical work Incidents of the life of a slave girl (1861) have also talked about their sufferings, their struggle, the rights of their community which were hitherto undelivered as well as the sexual abuse which they have faced before the civil rights movement and the paper shall further carry these issues. The major objective shall be to depict the Afro- American people’s struggles or the racism or sexism and it shall explore in special light the Afro-American women. It shall also trace their journey towards wholeness, That is the factors that helped them grow as individuals even under dual oppression that they lived through. The paper studies the interrelationship of sexism and racism that troubled and limited the life of the Afro-American women. The effects of the double consciousness and the emerging intersection of racism and sexism in America as well as the black community, which was faced by the black women, The paper has the objective to trace the struggle of these women who evolved and grew in their journey of being an object, to an individual, and how these women became self -asserting independent beings voicing out their sufferings. The paper will help to enlighten the readers regarding the Afro-American women's sufferings and it will also help the readers towards the importance of self- knowledge, individual identity and the importance of family life, community, sisterhood, spirituality and the importance of freedom of women.
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Ms. Nikita Bhardwaj. Importance of self-knowledge: Tracing the journey of Afro - American women in literature. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(6):63-65.
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