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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 6, Part C (2020)

The role of school performance at Don Bosco Manado senior high school, Indonesia

Sifedi Zebua, Jolanda AM Rawis and Elni J Usoh
The purpose of this study was to determine: (1) School performance planning (2) Organizing school performance (3) Supporting factors for school performance (4) Factors that inhibit school performance (5) Efforts to improve factors inhibiting school performance. This research uses qualitative research. Data collection techniques are observations, interviews, and documentations studies with the researchers' main instruments themselves. Data analysis uses steps: data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing. Research results: 1) Planning school performance: making work programs that consist of a calendar of program activities and school budget activity plans, division of tasks for teachers/staff, do not have strategic planning documents, are categorized as good schools, disciplined, superior, quality, have good credibility high in the eyes of the community, student achievement in the academic and non-academic fields declined, and students who entered were not outstanding students from previous schools. 2) Organizing school performance: having an organizational structure, there are job descriptions, the principal has the ability to perform his role as manager, administrator, supervisor, leader, and innovator. 3) Supporting factors for school performance: superior school accreditation results, a sense of ownership of the school by teachers, high discipline, a sense of kinship and brotherhood among school members, as well as support from alumni. 4) Factors hampering school performance: not fulfilling the standard facilities and special infrastructure lacking classes, no halls, and limited sports facilities, there are teachers not yet certified, the quality of students who enter is low, planning the implementation of extracurricular activities is lacking, also less competitive with competition. 5) Efforts to overcome the inhibiting factors of school improvement: lack of infrastructure using BOS funds in accordance with its purpose, lack of study space, halls and other spaces are overcome by the use of laboratory space as study rooms, borrowing classrooms and halls in the Junior High School of Frater Don Bosco Manado units, and construction of new buildings. Overcoming the problem of teacher professionalism by including workshop and training activities as well as proposing to the foundation so that honorary teachers are appointed as permanent employees of the foundation so that they can obtain certification.
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Sifedi Zebua, Jolanda AM Rawis, Elni J Usoh. The role of school performance at Don Bosco Manado senior high school, Indonesia. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(6):110-115.
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