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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 6, Part F (2020)

Implementation of managerial head competence at Kasih Kindergarden district of Pineleng, Indonesia

Silakarti Runtu, Harold R Lumapow and Mozes M Wullur
TheThis study is to study and describe: [1] Implementation of Principal's managerial competence, [2] Obstacles faced by principals implementing managerial competence of principals in Kasih Sea Kindergarten Pineleng Sub-district [3] efforts made to overcome problems which hampered the implementation of the managerial competence of the school principal at the Kasih Sea Kindergarten, Pineleng District. This research method uses a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques carried out through stages: 1) observation, 2) interviews and 3) study documentation. The main instrument in data collection is the researchers themselves who are equipped with interview guidelines, field notes and photographs. Data analysis is performed by data reduction, data display and data verification. While checking the validity of the data is carried out by: 1) trust, 2) dispensability, 3) dependability and 4) confirmability. The results of the data analysis concluded that: the Love Sea Kindergarten in planning had carried out activities based on steps; 1) develop alternative choices related to development fields, 2) evaluate and determine selection programs related to extracurricular activities, 3) teacher competency improvement programs related to teacher competencies and 4) learning plan preparation programs related to RPPM and RPPH. The management of Kasih Sea Kindergarten education in its implementation has used play and learning techniques with reference to the field of developing behavioral formation through habituation and multiple intelligences integrated with other intelligences.
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Silakarti Runtu, Harold R Lumapow, Mozes M Wullur. Implementation of managerial head competence at Kasih Kindergarden district of Pineleng, Indonesia. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(6):358-363.
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