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Vol. 6, Issue 9, Part E (2020)

GIS, remote sensing and GPS: Their activity, integration and fieldwork

GIS, remote sensing and GPS: Their activity, integration and fieldwork

Najibullah Hassan Zurmotai
The sciences, Progress, technologies, practices and application of remote sensing (RS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) arose separately, developed in parallel, balance, intersect, and are now inextricably linked. Almost all the features in most GIS are collected by means of GPS data, satellite imagery or aerial photogrammetry (digital photogrammetry), and GIS is the application where this imagery is most generally visualized. “All the foundation elements of GIS come from RS and GPS: cultural features, highway, roads, buildings, environment, water features, topography, terrain, forestry, soils, slopes, geology, and many others”.
The fast extension, rapid development, fieldwork, and integration of spatial technologies such as RS, the GPS and GIS have created many new tools for professional development, but have also broadened the "digital divide" leaving many with little understanding and conception of the technology and potential applications.
In this paper presents examples of extension-related applications of GIS-GPS-RS technologies and discusses how to go about learning more and determining if these technologies would be useful and their activity, Integration and Fieldwork. Also In this paper the necessity of integrating, activity and fieldwork of GPS, RS, and GIS is discussed following their definition. The current status of integration is reviewed under four proposed models: linear, interactive, hierarchical, and complex.
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Najibullah Hassan Zurmotai. GIS, remote sensing and GPS: Their activity, integration and fieldwork. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(9):328-332.
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