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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 9, Part E (2020)

Locating the significance of religious symbols in Indian religions

Dr. Pradip Kumar Jha
The religious symbol integrates the general characteristics of the symbol with the unique characteristics, it possesses as a religious symbol. The religious symbols are having figurative quality, perceptibility, innate power and acceptability. All the Indian religions, irrespective of how ancient or modern they are, use symbols to help create a resonant ethos, which in turn, reflects the moral values, teachings and culture of Indian society. The religious symbols of Indian religion are socially rooted and socially supported to bring togetherness and we feeling. The present world, which is going more powerful day by day through mechanical and scientific innovations, should stop for a while to ponder over and understand the central oneness of the religious symbols where all essence of growth lies. To understand the human mind as a whole one should try to realize the lost significance of art and religion in proper light. One can see oneness in all beings, in religious symbols and man, and recreate this world as a harmonious one.
So far as research method is concerned the paper relies on qualitative research method and applies content analysis of primary and secondary sources to draw conclusion.
It is in this context that the proposed paper attempts to analyse that the significance of religious symbols in the Indian religion which not only describes its culture and events but also helps to foster solidarity among the followers and simultaneously uniting them with humanity.
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Dr. Pradip Kumar Jha. Locating the significance of religious symbols in Indian religions. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(9):358-361.
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