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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 9, Part F (2020)

Online teaching during covid-19 pandemic lock down period and teacher’s health

Rashmi Bala and Atul
Sudden spread of Covid-19 nationwide lockdown and social distancing imposed and viewing the loss in studies and also to indulge children in healthy engagement, government took decision to start online teaching. Teachers of school, colleges and other academic institutions were entrusted the work of online teaching without having any prior exposure and technical knowhow, digital skills, virtual learning resources and cyber safety protocols, Teachers were supposed to make power point presentation, record video lectures, take online classes through different apps without a clear instruction as to how it should be done. They are engaging classes for three to four hours and then prepare study material and videos for next day disturbing their sleep time. Teacher were doing the same irrespective of their own stresses and anxieties. After going through all odds, they are facing salary cut. One cannot deny that these stressors have an impact on teacher mental health. The purpose of this study was to know the effect of online teaching during covid-19 lockdown period on mental and physical health of secondary school teachers. Total one hundred twelve secondary school teachers of both genders, equal in number, were selected and compared for their mental and physical health. The mean age of sample was 37.5 yrs. A special health schedule was prepared to collect health information and feedback was taken from individual teachers about the timing of emergence of their health problems. Results revealed that mental and physical health of teachers have been affected due to online teaching and other academic activities during covid-19 pandemic lockdown period. Difference have been found in types and severity of mental and physical health problems suffered by different teachers and gender difference was apparently clear in the results. Male teachers feel irritation and stressed whereas female teachers are anxious and more stressed even loss of sleep which resulted in different types of physical difficulties. High percentage of female teachers experienced physical health problem than their counterpart.
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Rashmi Bala, Atul. Online teaching during covid-19 pandemic lock down period and teacher’s health. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(9):422-425.
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