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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 9, Part F (2020)

Mir Kasim and the landlords of Bihar

Sanjay Kumar
Mirzafar was made the Nawab of Bengal, after, the battle of Plessey. But he proved to be a very weak ruler and his weakness added momentum to the prevailing political degeneration of the country. The example, which he sat against Siraj-ud-daulah has bound to be repeated again. He had a more personal relationship with colonel Clive, who had left for England, so, he was dethroned peacefully and his son in law, Mir Kasim, ascended the masnad of Bengal on the 20th October, 1760. After Plessey, it was the second bloodless revolution which carried the events in Bengal one step ahead regarding the British supremacy in the country. Allmost all the official and influential dignitaries of the subah were present on the occasion and offered presents and good wishes to the new Nawab. Even Vansittart came to offer congratulation on behalf of the company [1].
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Sanjay Kumar. Mir Kasim and the landlords of Bihar. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(9):465-466.
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