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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 7, Issue 1, Part E (2021)

Short Stories of Premchand: A Reflection of his Nationalist Fervor

Dr. Varsha Gupta
Premchand reflects his nationalist fervor unabashedly in many of his short stories. These include Soze Watan his first collection of five stories of which four were ardently patriotic. The Government declared it seditious, ceased the rest of the copies from Premchand’s home and burnt them. He was also warned of grave consequences if he continued to write such stories. Hence, Nawab Rai started writing as Premchand, his new pseudonym. Under the influence of Gandhiji, Premchand continued to write on freedom struggle. Beginning from ’Upadesh’ in 1917 to ‘Katil ki Maa’ in 1935 he wrote several short stories on varied themes of non-cooperation, civil Disobedience, swadeshi, hindu-muslim unity, satyagraha and eradication of untouchability. We notice a gradual growth of Premchand’s ideology from patriotism to nationalism. Some such stories are ‘Samar-Yatra’ on salt satyagraha followed by ‘Sharab ki Dukan’, ‘Dussahas’ and ‘Maiku’on abstaining from liquor. He revealed the seamy side of nationalism through these stories. The cowardice and selfish attitude of the middle class educated Indians who led the freedom struggle in the beginning, the weaknesses of the Indian National Congress and the laxity and callousness of its leaders. Premchand encouraged the participation and involvement of the farmers and labourers in the freedom struggle and looked at the national movement from the point of view of the oppressed and deprived. His other stories ‘Suhag ki Sari’ and ‘Holi ka Upahar’ based on Swadeshi movement exhibit the passion and commitment of women for freedom struggle. Other powerful stories being ‘Ahuti’, ‘Tavan’ and ‘Chakma’ which reveal Premchand as a true and committed soldier of freedom struggle for whom nationalism was all inclusive and nation meant equal opportunity and rights for all.
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Dr. Varsha Gupta. Short Stories of Premchand: A Reflection of his Nationalist Fervor. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(1):343-347.
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