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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 7, Issue 11, Part B (2021)

A comparative study on Aahper youth fitness test norms and standard score of 12 years boys and girls

Arindam Biswas, Dr. Bapi Das and Madhab Chandra Ghosh
Physical fitness is the ability to carry out tasks without undue fatigue. The AAHPERD is an older test battery developed for the older adults. The youth fitness battery was not developed through test validation research. For that purpose Researcher wants to find out the difference on AAHPER youth fitness test and standard score between 12 years girls & boys students. 103 boys & 111 girls were randomly selected from six classes for the session 2016-2017 of different school of 24 North Parganas & Nadia district. Thus the total numbers of subject were 214 & the age of the subject was 12 years. To measure the fitness level AAHPER Youth Fitness Test was selected as criterion measure of the present study. The test was consisted are six test item such as Pull ups (boys) & Flexed arm hang (Girls) for measuring muscular strength and muscular endurance of arm & shoulders in number of count and sec, Bent knee sit-ups for measuring muscular strength & endurance in numbers per min., Shuttle run for measuring speed & agility in sec., Standing Broad jump for measuring explosive strength of legs in feet & inches, 50 Yard. Mean, S.D and t test was considered as statistical techniques. The level of significance was set at 0.05 levels. In the conclusion the standard score norms was more acceptable and reliable than norms score for all the components of AAHPER Youth Physical Fitness for boys and girls of 12 years group.
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Arindam Biswas, Dr. Bapi Das, Madhab Chandra Ghosh. A comparative study on Aahper youth fitness test norms and standard score of 12 years boys and girls. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(11):122-125.
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