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Vol. 7, Issue 11, Part E (2021)

The impact of recycling in preserving the environment

The impact of recycling in preserving the environment

Dr. Osama Asanousi Lamma
Recycling is considered to be the most effective method to preserve our earth’s environment secure. By simply reusing the material instead of discarding them, we can reduce the number of waste materials and also conserve future natural resources. In this way, landfill trash will be reduced to save water and air from pollution. Solid waste recycling provides adequate benefits to the environment and health, apart from generating economic benefits. The SSR program of single-stream recycling process normally recycles materials collected and deposited in a specific collection bin. Therefore, the SSR process has increased in popularity in western countries, Europe and Asia, due to its inherent waste collection abilities, specifically, the political and social pressures that have stimulated rapid progress in environmental framework legislation as per national directives. The recycling demands have compelled them to incorporate recycled materials, but it has generated risk of conflicts regarding the safety matters for food packaging. Several recycling prospects are considered, directing recycling to be implemented only at places where the environment is benefited. Further, the re‐use process should not jeopardize safety and health matters concerning food packages. This is to avoid the direct contact of packages with foodstuffs, where only chemical recycling is the correct method to ensure product purity. The recycled material control behind this barrier layer puts the doubt regarding the contaminant of barrier performance.
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Dr. Osama Asanousi Lamma. The impact of recycling in preserving the environment. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(11):297-302.
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