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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 7, Issue 12, Part B (2021)

A study on history of Ahl-i-Hadith movement in Kashmir

Wasim Sajad Malik and Dr. Savitri Singh
The Ahl-I-Hadith Movement did not register much progress in its earlier phase. Its membership was, in fact, limited to certain families. In 1891 the strength of membership in the Ahl-1-Hadith organization was 1340 in the Punjab and its feudatories. Keeping in view present study was carried to made an detailed analysis of Ahl-I-Hadith Movement in Kashmir. This sect has adopted the gradual devolvement in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. The Ahl-1-Quran opted to use only the revealed statements of the Quran, treating the Hadith as relevant only to the human situation of the Prophet, and taking only the injunctions of the Quran as compulsory. The controversy between Maulana Husain Batalwi and Abdullah Chakralwi, on the question of ways of prayer, reached such a pitch of virulence that the Government of India had to intervene in order to protect the latter's life.
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Wasim Sajad Malik, Dr. Savitri Singh. A study on history of Ahl-i-Hadith movement in Kashmir. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(12):65-68.
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