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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 7, Issue 2, Part A (2021)

An analytical study of properties of fenvalerate and Withania somnifera

Saira Danish and Pragya Shrivastava
The present study was intended to explore the properties of Fenvalerate and Withania Somnifera. The study was descriptive in nature. The research methodology involved in the present study is to figure out the harmful effects of synthetic pyrethroid fenvalerate under sublethal, para safe lethal doses and after their antagonistic or remedial effects appeared due to herbal treatments discloses the number of immense changes. To attain these results, a number of research technological methods have been carried out established on different principles. The results of the study reveal that sudden changes in fenvalerate administered fishes and later therapeutic modifications due to medicinal plants extract procedure. From the results, it has been confirmed that due to the toxicity of Fenvalerate, all parameters indicated the significant outcomes in the damage appeared. RBC count lessened and Hb reduced. WBC count diminished due to infection, serum glucose level is diminished, but Urea and cholesterol was boosted with the increase in doses. Heavy damage was identified as all haematological and biochemical parameters indicated damage. In the present investigation, it is noticed that remedial plant Ashwagandha fixed the damages in the test fish due to sublethal doses of fenvalerate in various aspects. Investigations were made by several workers so far proved that we can reduce the toxic effects of pesticides in fishes by treating them with Ashwagandha in the pond before taking them as food. As these plants up till now have been used in treatment for various human diseases may also help in the pisciculture practices for human consumption.
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Saira Danish, Pragya Shrivastava. An analytical study of properties of fenvalerate and Withania somnifera. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(2):18-21.
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