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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 7, Issue 4, Part B (2021)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
A study on the acuity of brand preference on apparels among youngsters in Coimbatore
Dr. G Murali Manohari
Pages: 70-72  |  290 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Arts and Science  |  Country: India
Arts and ScienceIndia
Word-minimality vis-à-vis morphophonemics of genitives in NKB
Shyamal Das
Pages: 73-82  |  197 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: English  |  Country: India
Effect of myofascial release as an adjunct to conventional therapy on quality of upper extremity function in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: An experimental study
Nikita Morankar and Dr. Rahul Bisen
Pages: 83-87  |  191 Views  3 Downloads
Subject: Physiotherapy  |  Country: India
Analysing cybercrime awareness among adolescents of district Anantnag
Saima Bashir and Dr. Pratima Gautam
Pages: 88-91  |  187 Views  4 Downloads
Subject: Computer Science  |  Country: India
Computer ScienceIndia
Testing of synergistic effect of copepod (s) and sodium chloride on the mosquito larvae
Kashish Sharma and Dr. Pragya Shrivastava
Pages: 92-95  |  189 Views  3 Downloads
Subject: Life Science  |  Country: India
Life ScienceIndia
Managerial creativity of high and low investors of district Anantnag union territory of Jammu and Kashmir
Rayees Bashir and Dr. JP Nautiyal
Pages: 96-99  |  186 Views  3 Downloads
Subject: Management  |  Country: India
Polytene chromosome aberrations based genotoxicity appraisal by implementing insect genome
Sachin Sharma and Dr. Pragya Shrivastava
Pages: 100-106  |  208 Views  7 Downloads
Subject: Life Science  |  Country: India
Life ScienceIndia
A pre experimental study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching program regarding essential new born care on knowledge of post natal mothers in selected hospital of Durg Chhattisgarh
Sarika Dewangan
Pages: 107-112  |  291 Views  7 Downloads
Subject: Pediatric Nursing  |  Country: India
Pediatric NursingIndia
Impact des pratiques sylvicoles sur la structure et la régénération des ligneux fourragers dans un parcours agropastoral en zone sahélienne du Cameroun
Hamawa Yougouda
Pages: 113-121  |  207 Views  6 Downloads
Subject: Agricultural  |  Country: Cameroon
Norms for Jharkhand population using tweeds analysis
Dr. Tanishka, Dr. Diptanu Debbarma, Dr. Akansha Kunwar, Dr. Ankita Ashok, Dr. Aparajita Singh and Dr. Mainak Saha
Pages: 122-123  |  255 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Dental  |  Country: India
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International Journal of Applied Research