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Vol. 7, Issue 4, Part C (2021)

Role of (Salix Species) Willow Tree in Wular Lake for Phytoremediation

Role of (Salix Species) Willow Tree in Wular Lake for Phytoremediation

Mohammad Iqbal Sultani and Dr. Suchi Modi
Water bodies area unit primarily contaminated with serious metals thanks to increasing urbanization, intensive practices of agricultural and industrial developments, etc. serious metals are according to be highly nephrotoxic to human health since they're not simply disintegrated and rotten and may be bioaccumulated on the organic phenomenon. Therefore, serious metal contamination in aquatic ecosystems, such Macrophytes like water cress, Trapa etc., is of primary concern. The current study was initiated about role of the salix species as phytoremidaitor in wular lake. The macrophytes particularly edible components of T. natans accumulated metals from their encompassing water considerably. Plants and plant communities are very important to humans and their environment. The quality of the air can be greatly influenced by plants. Plants can stop the movement of dust and pollutants. The salix species which plays a positive role in phytoremidiation and have been proposed as a minimal effort, manageable, and environmentally stable answer for phytoremediation of trace metal debased land. The utilization of willow and poplar species in phytoremediation is promising (Dickinson 2000). Also, willows are easy to propagate and proliferate as well as quickly developing. They are likewise metal tolerant, perpetual, and with a broad root framework with high rate of evapotranspiration that can soothe pollutants (Hammer et al. 2003; Wilkinson 1999).
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Mohammad Iqbal Sultani, Dr. Suchi Modi. Role of (Salix Species) Willow Tree in Wular Lake for Phytoremediation. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(4):175-177. DOI: 10.22271/allresearch.2021.v7.i4c.8482
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