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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 7, Issue 8, Part B (2021)

Role of motivation in performance enhancement of youths

Rakesh Chander Rai
This essay puts emphasis on how the motivation level of the teen sports players plays an important role in the performance enhancement of the teen sports players. It is an established fact that any activity or job is done only and only because of a motivating factor behind it, for others it may be money, fame, sense of achievement, social inclusion, enjoyment, for a sports players it can be boosting his career prospects, winning the tournament, reaching his potential performance, winning the medal to get a sense of joy and national pride and money at times. The higher the motivation, the higher the performance is the rule of thumb that is often played out in the game of sports. These is a need of extra boost up for times demanding high level of performance which is given by the motivation and there are times when the players do not feel like practicing or playing at all, they need to adequately motivated at all times to keep their vision on their goals and ensure they practice regularly and sufficiently and making them ready for the extra push that is often needed to reach their potential.
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Rakesh Chander Rai. Role of motivation in performance enhancement of youths. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(8):128-130.
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