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Vol. 7, Issue 8, Part F (2021)

The Mahatma and The Gurudev: Convergence and divergence

The Mahatma and The Gurudev: Convergence and divergence

Varsha Gupta
Gandhi and Tagore were the two great luminaries of their time. Though both were contemporaries but they happened to meet each other when they had lived almost half their age. Both were great admirers and friends of each other at the same time opposed each other on several fundamental issues. But despite several debates on those issues, their relationship remained unaffected as they respected each other’s views and cordially accepted the right to differ. Gandhi conferred the title of Gurudev on Tagore whereas Tagore called him Mahatma.(as early as 1915). The acquaintance between Gandhi and Tagore began in 1914-15 when Gandhi visited Shantiniketan along with his students of Phoenix school from South Africa. At that time Tagore was just 53 years old and had been awarded Nobel prize in Literature for his collection of poems “Gitanjali”(song offerings) whereas Gandhi was eight years younger than him and had acclaimed fame for his work in South Africa but was yet to have a foothold in India as a national leader. Gandhi stipulated Satyagraha, charkha and Swadeshi as the mainstay of his freedom struggle. Tagore objected to each of them either through his letters to his friends, in articles or in periodicals. The debate between them was not restricted to political issues but also elevated to philosophical issues. Both were patriots, they loved their country and admired its cultural heritage. Both wanted freedom for their country from the British rule but their paths differed to some extent.
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Varsha Gupta. The Mahatma and The Gurudev: Convergence and divergence. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(8):427-430.
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