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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 7, Issue 9, Part C (2021)

A study on the socio-economic profile of fishing community with special reference to Darbhanga district

Mithilesh Kumar
Fish and fisheries is a significant area in a large portion of the creating and created nations of the world from the angle of pay and business age. The job of fisheries in Indian economy is acquiring force because of acquaintance of cutting edge procedures with increment the yield per unit space of water and because of its part in procuring unfamiliar trade. Aside from this, the twin issues of joblessness and malnourishment at the country circle in India can be at the same time addressed to by legitimate and arranged use of accessible nearby assets through contribution of neighbourhood individuals. India is having one of the biggest new and marine water assets, stands second and seventh on the planet, in absolute fish creation from new and marine waters individually. A review on the financial status of the angler local area in Darbhanga region was directed during 2021. An absolute example of respondents was 57 families and top of the family was considered as respondent for assortment of the information notwithstanding the top of the angler co-employable society. Pre-tried meeting plan was utilized for assortment of the data from angler local area. The after-effects of the review uncovered that the male populace comprised around 52.33 percent demonstrating the predominance of guys in the fisheries area. Among the complete anglers' just 13.84 percent were observed to be proficient. 45.78 percent of the populace fall under the age gathering of fewer than 20 years and the complete acquiring populace comprised around 56.60 percent. The strength of male populace was obvious in every one of the classes giving a sign that fishing and related exercises are the area of guys. On additional assessment, it was tracked down that smoking, betel nut biting and utilization of alcohol were the normal propensities for grown-up angler local area. As the significant occupation was fishing, greater part of the populace was occupied with fishing action and 56.14 percent were under the pay gathering of ' < 30,000. The review showed that the general financial status of the angler local area could be improved by the reception of further developed fishing and fish cultivating strategies and by bestowing instruction.
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Mithilesh Kumar. A study on the socio-economic profile of fishing community with special reference to Darbhanga district. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(9):144-148.
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