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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 7, Issue 9, Part D (2021)

An evolutionary distributed computing approaches for large-scale and high performance technology

Surendra Kumar Patel
Growing popularity of communication, processing, storage technology and Internet software has led to the rise of virtual simulation. It allows for the secure sharing of resources around the world and collaboration in a distributed system. Distributed computing is a scientific approach to solving a larger problem by assigning a small part of a problem to multiple computers and then combining the solutions of the parts into a single solution. Distributed computing is reaching new heights in today's world, performing complex tasks such as SETI@home and fold@home as part of a global workforce. Therefore, different approaches to architecture and IT implementation are considered. One way to distribute all the data and resources is called grid computing. And the other way is cloud computing, and that is the flavor of grid computing. Which together became six approaches to make up the distribution of the various programs. In this research, we survey and analysis new finding for solving the problems of distributed applications such as grid computing and cloud computing, providing the new challenges needed to discuss the spread of tradition. And news traffic for forwarding, networking and cloud computing. Then compare the results of search analysis and modeling, good performance and scalability when searching for resources in a network environment. Network size it can solve computing problems in distributed systems and can adapt to various network resources and applications as well as a real basis for modeling and analysis.
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Surendra Kumar Patel. An evolutionary distributed computing approaches for large-scale and high performance technology . Int J Appl Res 2021;7(9):278-282.
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