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Vol. 8, Issue 10, Part A (2022)

S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
पद्मश्री उषाकिरण खानक ‘दूर्वाक्षत’ उपन्यासमे नारी-जागरण
मेघा झा
Pages: 01-03  |  219 Views  41 Downloads
Subject: Literature  |  Country: India
Mapping the research productivity with its social impact of universities of west Bengal in the field of engineering and computer science
Arijit Das and Udayan Bhattacharya
Pages: 04-15  |  240 Views  49 Downloads
Subject: Library and Information Science  |  Country: India
Library and Information ScienceIndia
A study on impact of folk dance on body composition
Dr. Vineedkumar K
Pages: 16-17  |  187 Views  42 Downloads
Subject: Physical Education  |  Country: India
Physical EducationIndia
Horace Walpole's 1764 novel the castle of Otranto: A gothic horror
Prabu T and J Nisha Ponnarasi
Pages: 18-22  |  328 Views  147 Downloads
Subject: English  |  Country: India
Endorsement of freedom in R.K Narayan’s Swami and Friends
Rajesh Kumar
Pages: 23-26  |  164 Views  32 Downloads
Subject: English  |  Country: India
The reasons for health practitioners dropping out of administrative work and its impact on work performance in health facilities in the city of Mecca
Yousef M Asiri, Bader J Albushre, Fahad A Albishri, Maram R Albjali, Manal A Allehaibi, Haifaa S Alhejaili, Hanaa S Alhejaili, Saud H Alsakhri, Abdullah M Alzahrani, Waleed A Alsubhi, Mohammed A Alsubhi, Mohammed M Altuwirqi, Yaser O Bresale, Ghali A Kably, Eyad A Moazin, Mohammad A Alansari, Emran H Fallatah, Abdulaziz H Almalki, Khalid A Alaidarous, Areej M Alharthi, Zahid M Serdar, Faisal A Assiri, Saeed H Alqurashe, Abdullah H Almalki, Ahmed A Maghrabi, Mohammed H Alfahmi, Khalid A Almalki, Sultan A Alwafi, Ahmad A Alkhdedi, Naif M Almehmadi, Abdulrahman M Alshmrani, Waleed M Almahaily, Yaser H Sindi, Ammar H Alharbi, Bassam G Althagfiy, Abdulrahman T Alhashmi, Yahya A Allugmani, Aziz M Alqarni and Faisal J Alloqmani
Pages: 27-30  |  507 Views  80 Downloads
Subject: Health Sciences  |  Country: Saudi Arabia
Health SciencesSaudi Arabia
Immediate effect of myofascial release technique and active release technique on mechanical neck pain in sewing machine operator: A comparative study
Ishani Pardeshi and Dr. Priyanka Honkalas
Pages: 31-33  |  191 Views  37 Downloads
Subject: Physiotherapy  |  Country: India
Changing pattern of water supply system in Jaipur metropolitan (Rajasthan, India)
Dr. Shweta Khandelwal
Pages: 34-39  |  340 Views  103 Downloads
Subject: Geography  |  Country: India
Evaluation of surface water quality using correlation matrix in Lower Lake, Bhopal, India
Khairun Nissa, Rajendra Chouhan and Hafsa Haleem
Pages: 40-47  |  293 Views  52 Downloads
Subject: Zoology  |  Country: India
A study to assess the anxiety level of first year nursing student’s prior clinical postings in selected nursing institutes of Pune city
Anand Shaily Bikai, Pinjari Khairunisa, Sayyad Heena and Satre Umesh
Pages: 48-51  |  221 Views  48 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
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