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Vol. 8, Issue 11, Part E (2022)

Gender discrimination in the novels of Anita Desai & Githa Hariharan

Gender discrimination in the novels of Anita Desai & Githa Hariharan

Monika Duggal and Dr. Gunjan Agarwal
Gender dis-crimination is deeply ingrained in human nature and physiology in Indian context clearly revealed in the writings of Indian writers who write in English. This is universal across cultures and manifests itself in nearly every aspect of life. God made man in His own image and man created male and female according to the Biblical perspective of humanity. Hindu writings, on the other hand, give a variety of paradoxical viewpoints on the roles of women in Indian society ranging from feminine leadership as the ultimate goddess to an insignificant unit of a family, confining her duty to that of an obedient daughter, housewife, and mother. In today's patriarchal society, marriage is a source of power for both husband and wife. A woman's identity is lost after marriage in the traditional system, but women today are hesitant to give up their independence. Because she is educated, career-oriented, and entrepreneurial, she is emotionally and financially self-sufficient. Anita Desai and Githa Hariharan were the catalysts for this shift. The research reveals how they express their feelings on gender interaction in their female characters in their writings. They emphasize an individual's identity, particularly that of an Indian woman. They emphasize the benefits of trans-effecting one's identity in resolving gender-based problems. This article delves into the origins of gender disparity in India, as well as the Socio-cultural factors that contribute to it. It also highlights the advantages of having a new self-concept, of being a new woman or being a modern woman. A new woman's self-concept evolves from a series of gender interactions set in the framework of sociology, psychology, ideology, history, and feminism in the novels of Anita Desai and Githa Hariharan.
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Monika Duggal, Dr. Gunjan Agarwal. Gender discrimination in the novels of Anita Desai & Githa Hariharan. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(11):283-287.
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