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Vol. 8, Issue 4, Part E (2022)

Bias-free English language: A synopsis

Bias-free English language: A synopsis

Dr. Bipin Bihari Dash
The use of language often reflects different kinds of prejudice or bias existing in the minds of some people, which are not acceptable in a modern society where most people have become aware of their rights. English also has various words which reflect racial or ethnic bias. Americans of African origins were referred to as ‘Negros’ or ‘Niggers’; Native Americans were called ‘Red Indians’. In India many terms denoting caste or class prejudice are still in wide use – for example ‘low caste’, ‘scheduled caste’, ‘and backward caste’ etc. Similarly, people belonging to the aboriginal tribes are referred to as ‘scheduled tribes’, ‘tribals’, ‘adivasis’ etc. Unfortunately, no bias-free forms have been developed in India to replace these biased forms. ‘Bias’ is defined as a strong feeling in favour of or against, a thing, a group of people, or one side of an argument. It is often based on unfair judgment. Therefore, ‘bias-free English’ is free from any favour or discrimination. Bias is created by the use of discriminatory words. These words do not treat all people equally and with respect. These words refer negatively to groups of people such as by sex, race, nationality, age, disability etc. Such words are completely opposite to fair play and human decency. To establish good relationship with others you should be fair in your approach and language use. That is the reason why so much importance is given to ‘bias-free-English’. This paper establishes a clear picture of different types of bias-free languages.
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Dr. Bipin Bihari Dash. Bias-free English language: A synopsis. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(4):325-328.
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