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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 8, Issue 6, Part H (2022)

Impact of population growth on development in India

Dr. Kanta Choudhary
India is the second maximum populous country in the world. India is estimated to become the most populous country in the world by 2024. Its population growth rate in 2017 is ranked 112th in the world. The population is both a means and a means of economic development. If there are enough numbers, they are an asset and prove to be an obligation when there are more. Population in India has crossed the optimum limit and has become an obligation. The problem of population explosion in India has proved to be a major obstacle to the economic planning and development process. I have found a significant relationship between India's population and GDP. I have taken the population of each state and their respective SGDP to find out whether the population is related to GDP. I have found no significant correlation between the middle of annual populous progress and inflation in India.
The population, therefore, has no significant impact on India’s inflation. Inflation may be affected by some other factors. In the research, we have also found that population growth has no significant negative impact on India's GDP growth and the fact is that as the population grows, so does the GDP. Although the population has not affected GDP in the last two decades and has not affected India's GDP, it has grown very rapidly. Overpopulation depends not only on population size or density but also on the proportion of the population in the available sustainable resources.
It also depends on how our natural resources are managed and distributed across the population. Overpopulation is one of the dangers and serious problems, which is a major obstacle in the way of economic growth. It is estimated that the increase in human population affects the global land-use patterns available for agriculture, forest land cover, and the area around different types of water bodies. The rapid growth of the human population is putting extraordinary pressure on our available natural resources like land, water, forests, ecosystem services, etc. This research paper aims to highlight the various adverse effects of overpopulation and its impact on the economic development of our country.
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