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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 11, Part N (2015)

The expanding territory of Indian historiography: Some ideological reflections on micro-history

N Kanakarathnam
History primarily recognises the powerful and the victorious. Much history comprises narratives written from the perspective of the state. On the other hand micro-history is a particular methodological approach to the study and writing of history that aims at studying especially peculiar moments in the past by focusing on the lives and activities of a discrete persons or groups of people. Micro-history offers a more inclusive understanding of who and what matters within the discipline of history. Micro-history forces us to re-think traditional approaches to history that focus on seemingly more important political events and actors. Finally, by looking at the “micro” level of social activities and cultural meaning, micro-history challenges approaches to the study of history that emphasize the need to quantify, generalize, or naturalize human experience or to find and impose normative and abstract historical laws, structures, or processes on the historical changes of the past. A theoretical framework of micro-history in the study of Indian history in the recent past is the theme of this research paper titled The Expanding Territory of Indian Historiography: Some Ideological Reflections on Micro-History.
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N Kanakarathnam. The expanding territory of Indian historiography: Some ideological reflections on micro-history. International Journal of Applied Research. 2015; 1(11): 933-935.
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