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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part G (2016)

Protease inhibiting and other biological activities of schiff base derivatives

BY Sathish Kumar
Schiff bases exhibit useful biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial, antifungal, anticonvulsant, antitubercular, anticancer, antioxidant, anthelmintic, antiglycation, and antidepressant activities. Schiff bases are also used as catalysts, pigments and dyes, intermediates in organic synthesis, polymer stabilizers, and corrosion inhibitors. Schiff bases, an important group of compounds play a vital role in pharmaceutical as well as in clinical fields. During the last several years, coordination chemistry has been considerably enriched due to the synthesis and characterization of a large number of Schiff base compounds containing sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen as donar sites. Ligands containing N, O or S donars have been found to be useful as potential drugs. Schiff bases are also used as starting material for the synthesis of many bioactive organic compounds such as β-lactams Schiff bases derived from amino compounds have a variety of applications in biological, clinical, analytical and pharmacological areas. Due to its wide application we tested the Schiff base intermediates for its Protease inhibiting activity and is found to inhibit fungal protease and there by restricting its growth. The compounds also showed antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiangiogenic and less Cytotoxicity effects on human peripheral lymphocytes.
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BY Sathish Kumar. Protease inhibiting and other biological activities of schiff base derivatives. International Journal of Applied Research. 2016; 2(7): 439-454.
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