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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part H (2019)

Determinants of menstrual hygiene among school going adolescent girls in a rural area of Odisha

Laxmipriya Mishra
Background: Menstrual cleanliness is a disregarded issue in country India. Absence of menstrual cleanliness in immature young ladies can make them susceptible to different morbidities, for instance, regenerative tract contamination and urinary tract disease and their long‑term results, for instance, cervical malignant growth, barrenness, and ectopic pregnancy. This examination plans to discover the determinants of menstrual cleanliness among the school going youthful young ladies in a rustic territory of West Bengal.
Destinations: To evoke the menstrual cleanliness rehearses among the examination populace and to discover the relationship of poor menstrual cleanliness rehearses with sociodemographic factors, for example, age, occupation and instruction of the guardians, lodging, and nearness of sterile can.
Materials and Methods: A clear, cross‑sectional ponder was led among 307 school going pre-adult young ladies of 12– 17 years age bunch in a country territory of West Bengal.
Results: Majority of the understudies in the two schools (62.9%) were Hindu, general standing (54.1%) and had a place with family unit (69.7%).Most of the guardians in the two schools had finished their instruction up to essential dimension. Bivariate investigations were done, and the noteworthy components anticipating great menstrual cleanliness were gone into the multivariable calculated relapse display. It uncovered that great menstrual cleanliness was more among those whose moms were taught (balanced chances proportions [AOR] 2.3 [1.06– 5.01]), and who were homemakers (AOR 2.3 [1.06– 5.01]).
Ends: Menstrual cleanliness among the investigation populace was observed to be poor. The improving training dimension of the moms can go far in improving menstrual cleanliness practice.
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Laxmipriya Mishra. Determinants of menstrual hygiene among school going adolescent girls in a rural area of Odisha. International Journal of Applied Research. 2019; 5(4): 507-512.
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