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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 7, Part C (2019)

Modification and structural analysis of kinematic cage wheel to reduce stress and improve the F. O. S

Pothuraju Sumalatha and R Srinivasulu
Agro-Technology is the process of applying the technology, revolution occurring in daily life and applying that to the agriculture sector which improves the efficiency of the crop produced and also to develop a better mechanical machine to help the agriculture field which reduces the amount and time of work spent on crop. Hence in this work of project we decided to design a better mechanical apparatus which is helpful for the farmers. This project consists of the better and modified design of the machine which can be used specifically for rice, wheat. Developed agriculture requirements to find new ways to improve efficiency. One approach is to utilize available information in the form of sophisticated machines for more effective usage of power than in the past. We can now move towards a new generation of equipment. The advent of autonomous system architecture gives us the opportunity to develop a Complete new range of agricultural equipment based that can do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time in the right way. The present study deals with the new design for cage wheels. In present study the structural conventional cage wheel is replaced by a newly Designed Cage Wheel having a double piston single cylinder mechanism. But its dimensions, specifications are made by Adhore to the dimensions of conventional cage wheel. This project describes composition and analysis of our newly designed cage wheel mechanism. The dimensions of an existing customary cage wheels and Mahindra 475 are taken for reference and evaluation of results. The scientific analysis is carried via finite element analysis using SolidWorks software. Stresses, deflection and strain energy results for both conventional and designed cage wheels were obtained. Result shows that, the designed cage wheels have competent strength to withstand fluctuating loads. Unlike conventional cage wheels, it is intact to travel with, even on high ways.
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Pothuraju Sumalatha and R Srinivasulu. Modification and structural analysis of kinematic cage wheel to reduce stress and improve the F. O. S. International Journal of Applied Research. 2019; 5(7): 146-156.
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