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Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part E (2014)

An alarming growing air pollution index rate in Moradabad

An alarming growing air pollution index rate in Moradabad

Dr. Alka Rani
Global warming is the most serious environmental problem of the earth in the recent period. Global cooling and warming both are the two natural processes of the earth. Apart from the natural processes global warming is also caused by the anthropogenic activities. We are passing through an interglacial period. Ever increasing trend of global atmospheric temperature has started after Industrial Revolution. The recent warming of earth is associated with the accelerated rate of human intervention into the nature. This is become serious concern for the existence of the biodiversity and the human society on the earth. The anthropogenic activities which are considered as responsible for the gradual deterioration of the environmental qualities are - emission of green house gases at an alarming rate which has gradually change the atmospheric chemistry, deforestation, implementation of faulty reforestation and afforestation programmes, industrialization, haphazard growth of new towns and expansion of urban areas, encroachment of the wetlands, changes of the land use pattern, increasing rate of the use of air conditioners, refrigerators, automobiles, etc. Unwise intervention into the nature creates a critical condition into the nature to maintain the ecological balance of the environment. The probable result of which is global warming. Warming of the earth introduces different environmental problems. Most important of which is Climate Change at local, regional and global scale. Moradabad is one of the important cities of India since the British Period.
At present the city covers only 79 sq. Km area. That provides shelter to more than million people in recent time. The physical set-up of the city has been disturbed with the alarming rate of anthropogenic intervention into the nature. High-rise buildings are growing here and there at the cost of green open spaces, water bodies, and the plants. The concrete jungle helps to increase thermal pollution of the city. There are more than 80,000 industrial units are operating in the city. Which deteriorate the quality of the environment. Increasing automobiles are the other indicators of the warming of the city- atmosphere by the emission of huge amount of Green House Gases in the air. Density of population of Moradabad is 1,284 persons/sq. km in 2011. Transport connection is conducive to the high density of population in Moradabad. Nearly thousands of people are commuting regularly at Moradabad for their livelihood. The city is overcrowded with the natural growth and the immigration.
Temperature records have to be considered as the primary indices of the global warming and the climate change. Moradabad is facing the problems of global warming and climate change. There is a sharp increase of the atmospheric temperature. Future generation will be sufferer by the unwanted alteration of the environment of Moradabad.
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