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Vol. 1, Issue 10, Part D (2015)

Preferences and behavior of rural consumers towards cosmetic products

Preferences and behavior of rural consumers towards cosmetic products

P Raja, S Kavitha
Consumer behaviors have changed over the years; this is shown by consumers today purchasing a more healthy variety of products, as information today is known about products that was not known many years ago. The typical consumer today watches what they choose; they are more aware and exposed to factors that have brought about change in consumer behaviors. Consumers today tend to purchase differently than they did 10 years ago. As we grow older with every new generation, our values and perceptions change, which is indicative of the way in which we purchase our goods and services in the rural segment of the market also. From the market perspective, People of India comprise different segments of consumers, based on class, status, and income. An important and recent development in India's consumerism is the emergence of the rural market for several basic consumer goods. Three fourths of India's population lives in rural areas, and contribute one –third of the national income. This paper focuses on cosmetics products. Usage of the product, choosing of the brand, factors influencing the purchase of the usage of the brand, and so on. This study will likewise help to focus the brand unwaveringness of the country client towards the different cosmetic brands and accordingly appropriately organizations can raise their method. The study might likewise uncover about the issues confronted by the rural clients concerning marked cosmetic items which might again be really significant to know.
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P Raja, S Kavitha. Preferences and behavior of rural consumers towards cosmetic products. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(10):260-263.
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