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Vol. 1, Issue 10, Part F (2015)

Academic Stress among Students: Role and Responsibilities of Parents

Academic Stress among Students: Role and Responsibilities of Parents

Sarita, Sonia
The modern world, which is said to be a world of achievement, is also a world of stress. One finds stress everywhere; whether it is within the family, business organization or any other social or economic activity. Stress is physiological and psychological imbalance. It arises due to the demands on a person and that person’s inability to meet those demands. Academic Stress in the students can be very taxing on the parents and the students themselves. Stress has been tightening its grip on the students, as they have to compete at every step of their academic career in this fast moving world. Academic stress is the product of a combination of academic related demands that exceed the adaptive resources available to an individual (Wilks, 2008) [38]. Academic pressure by the parents as well as the children are themselves tensed about their career and future, when fail to cope up with the situation or fail to satisfy their needs then it results into stress and depression. Social support is considered as one of the most important way of coping with academic stress. Students are the budding future of a nation and it is imperative for the teachers, parents and caregivers to understand the factors which might be stressful to students and recognize ways to help them cope up with such situation.
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